Cindy Vogels is an Australian fashion designer/stylist/Milliner who has worked for Lady Gaga. She’s in the business of making women feel and look amazing. Although it was her millinery label (The Devoted Milliner) that caught the attention of one of the stylists at Brandon Maxwell Studios in New York, another label was birthed during the four-month period she was engaged as a contributing Designer for the ‘Cheek to Cheek’ tour (Racy & Lucky). Racy & Lucky has since established itself as the quintessential Music Artist’s ‘go to’ fashion label. The growing body of work is showcased in film clips, red carpet images and at music festivals across the world via artists performing live in their R&L custom designs that are tailored to their personalities like ‘ready to wear’ can never acheieve .
The story with this fashion label, at the intersection of fashion and costumery, is really gaining traction. Tune in via social media to stay up to date with all the exciting movements within the music industry and beyond.